By Scott Pruden | Delaware Today

PHOTO: Demi Kollias

Delaware Today recently highlighted 36 women, including Claymont Steak Shop’s Demi Kollias, who share their tips for success—and how they’ve managed to find that tricky balance between their personal and professional lives.

Demi Kollias arrived in the United States 25 years ago with little more than a dream, having never traveled outside her hometown in northern Greece. Since then, she’s made herself at home, first managing a chain of 7-Eleven stores, then, in 2005, buying the original Claymont Steak Shop. Since then, she’s taken what was a stagnant brand and turned it into a two-store (soon to be three) chain, all the while keeping intact the quality of the shop’s legendary cheesesteaks and garnering the foodie awards to prove it. “I was able not only to improve it, but take it to another level in terms of product quality, service and name recognition,” she says. Through it all, her ability to prioritize—and always keep her family in the forefront—has helped her balance her life.

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