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Written by Wade Malcolm, The News Journal • Photo by Jennifer Corbett, The News Journal

Claymont Steakshop Cook Oscar FloresOscar Flores, a cook at Claymont Steaks for over 16 years, talks about the times that Vice President Joe Biden has come into the steak shop for sandwiches.

Several pictures hang on the wall of the Claymont Steak Shop alongside a note signed by a customer, Joe Biden.

While a U.S. senator, Biden made occasional stops at the iconic lunch spot in the heart of his old hometown to get a hoagie, sometimes wearing Bermuda shorts and a T-shirt.

One day, before he left, the future vice president went behind the counter to pose for photos with the dish washers and kitchen help. He shook their hands and slapped them on the back. He grabbed them by the shoulders and spoke directly into their faces.

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